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As everyone knows Email is a low-cost marketing channel with high return. Email Marketing It’s not as easy as it may sounds or what people think. It’s not just composing an email, copying a list of contacts, and send it to contacts by clicking the “send” button.

you will face struggles like privacy issues, permission boundaries, technical malfunction to tracking your heavy volume of mail contact list; which is where you need expert help to enhance the business-client relationship, acquire new customers, get more leads and increase sales.

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we are one of the best of email marketing services providers in Bangalore

    our confidence comes from ticking this tailored checklist:

  • Handling huge contact lists & establishing a database
  • Subscription supervision
  • Making sure your email can be sent of lakhs of inboxes within just within no time
  • All email design formats- HTML, JPG, & content
  • Spam verification before delivery of emails to the contact list
  • Customization & Personalization of every individual mail in the campaigns
  • Checking/ Providing for attachment file support
  • Providing Scheduling flexibility as of requirements
  • Constant monitoring of open and click-through rate
  • report and statistics like Open rate statistics Unsubscribe rate, Click through statistics, Bounce rate statistics etc

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We increase your digital Leads with Pay Per Click campaigns or Google Adwords and Bing Adwords. A plan is sketched out and implemented accordingly your business needs, with this your leads campaign has begun. The plan includes specific important keywords for your business and exclusive landing page, to which your Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads will direct traffic to your business. In brief, Pay Per Click campaigns or Google Adwords get immediate traffic to your website can easily be modified as and when we see a change in results, re-used into other campaigns and most importantly, they can be controlled by our team easily. our team will track and adjusting your campaign’s performance including keywords, message, the amount of money spent per click at all stages of your campaigns.

Looking Email marketing company in Bangalore. Its simple spyland is one of the top Email marketing Company in Bangalore, India. Our paid add experts come with innovative strategies for our clients/business owners to achieve their business goals. We have more than 2+ years’ experience in digital marketing and development services. We are offering a wide range of digital Marketing Services, Email marketing in Bangalore and all over the world. Our Digital Marketing experts provide high performance results to our clients. spyland is one of the best Search Engine Marketing company in Bangalore, having google certified SEO experts.

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